A little about Eddie

Eddie Damasceno grew up playing on equipment at his family’s farm in Minas Geras, Brazil.  It created a passion that he brought with him to the United States and channeled into a thriving business.  

“I loved being able to mess around and use equipment when I was growing up,” recalled Eddie.  “My parents, Sebastian and Durcelei, came to the United States in 1988, and I joined them in 1997.  When I finished high school, I knew I wanted something different than college, so I went to work. My dad had a residential landscaping business, so he helped me get started.”

When Sebastian decided it was time to retire as the recession hit in 2008, Eddie bought his father’s accounts and ran the business.  After two years of dedication, Eddie started Damasceno’s Landscapes & Construction LLC in 2010, which led to a shift in emphasis as well as rapid growth.

Today, Damasceno’s Landscapes & Construction handles maintenance on more than 100 commercial properties between spring and fall and plows snow at 38 sites in the winter.  The company works throughout Connecticut and has a crew of 33 employees - including a fresh-out-of-retirement Sebastian.

“We’re able to stay busy all year around and that’s important,” said Eddie.  “Our bread-and-butter is the maintenance properties we have on multi-year contracts.  We do everything from cutting grass to planting flowers. It’s consistent, which makes the rest of what we do possible.”

The success of Damasceno’s Landscapes has made the Construction part of its name feasible.  The company also does site-development work for housing-complex projects by digging foundations, installing water and utility lines as well as performing asphalt paving.  In addition, Damasceno’s handles some demolition and has a trucking division with five tro-axle trucks. That division hauls equipment for both Damasceno and outside customers.  The success of Damasceno’s Landscapes has made the Construction part of its name feasible. 

“We can do everything in-house,” shared Eddie.  “We started hauling because we didn’t want to wait on other people.  Now, we have greater control, and it serves both out site-development and maintenance areas.  It’s been a great addition.”

“We have some of the best people here, and it’s great to be able to work with them,” he said.  “Family is always number on for me.  It’s not always easy to be in business with family, but it’s very rewarding.  I hope someday, when I’ve retired to a sandy beach, my kids will be here to carry on the business.”